HASSIM HATTIA is no stranger to the textile industry.

I have been involved in the textile industry for almost half a century, worked for numerous leading knitwear manufacturers viz, Adonis Knitwear, Ivy Textiles, Gold Reef Textiles, Happy Event Knitters and also for Trio Garments of Swaziland.

In the late 1900, I started Knitting Wool Center in Mayfair which is well known. Today my son Riyaad runs the operation. Also at that time, we started Bradford Spinning Mills, Our very own yarn spinning factory that we purchased from the United Kingdom.

A complete yarn manufacturing plant from A-Z, Spinning, Twisting, Dying, Reeling on cones and Ball winding.

It was unfortunate that the labour unions did not afford us the space to succeed, Their continued pressure forced us to abandon the project and close off the factory.

Some years later I started WOL MART in Pretoria, which still continues to trade under the directorship of my ex-wife Dolly.

Wool Knitters Paradise began operating in Pretoria, Gezina in 2012, on Voortrekker Road. We had to relocate in 2015 to our current premises on Fredrika Street, which is bigger. Thus allowing us to expand our stock holding and keep a bigger variety for our loyal clientel.


Now in 2019, we have doubled in size and have attracted clients from Rustenburg, Brits, Phalaborwa, Pietersburg, Tzaneen, Middelburg, Witbank, Secunda, Bethal, Ermelo and Louis Trichard. We are only one of a handful in this industry to have a country wide reach.

The reason that we attract so many clients is due to the fact that we stock the biggest variety of yarns. When it comes to crochet yarns we have the largest selection in the whole continent of Africa. Our stock include acrylic, nylon, vicose, pure cotton, raw cotton, bamboo, and lurex blends. We do have the equipment to roll on cones and balls, as well as Italian Crepe weave-knit machines, these include a very big selection of colours.

But most important of all, we offer the best and lowest prices in South Africa. Proof of that is our Facebook following which currently stands at 5000 and growing knittng fans.

We’re not only serving the retail market but the wholesale market as well. We have several wool shops that we supply to, Our Knowledge, as well as our advice, has allowed new entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses in various parts of South Africa.

Currently, we supply leading universities, schools and a few government departments with our products. We have been featured in Woman’sValue, April edition 1993 which will give you a deeper insight into our involvement within the textile industry.

Feel Free to come and join us, Become part of our winning team!

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